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Teaching in Brazil

To begin my story, firstly, I would like to speak a little bit about myself and how I started my career as a teacher.

This course has the best content for those with a thirst to teach!

My name is Paloma Tiba, I am from Brazil, and I graduated in journalism. I have worked as a journalist for the past seven years in Brazil as a reporter for broadcasting. Life as journalist was starting to feel boring and I decided to live abroad for a while, to challenge myself and to be more confident about my English level. I heard some good reviews about The TEFL Academy and soon I had enrolled on a TEFL course in Ireland.

My decision to take this course was firstly because I have felt, since I was little, that teaching is a valuable and uplifting career. I studied drama in the past and I have a natural talent to engage an audience. The TEFL Academy course was superb. In the first activity on the online course, I found a little difficulty understanding as I had no experience in lesson planning. However, I emailed the tutor team for support and very soon they replied and answered my questions.

After completing the course, I decided to apply to work as a teacher in Brazil, but in a different area, where I had never been before. In that region, there is a high demand for teachers, and I quickly found a teaching position in an English school. The first step to apply as a teacher was an interview (to test my speaking skills) with the owner of that branch. From 0% to 100%, I got 88% of my speaking test and I was extremely excited! I also had to complete a grammar test and 3 essays. My final test was to present a lesson plan for which I used a lesson which I had planned in my TEFL course! They were engaged and fascinated with my activity!

I must confess that my TEFL course was the main base of information to be able to pass the application process. All steps that I needed to know in terms of ideas organisation, lesson plans, teaching approaches, experiences, techniques and grammatical content were provided in this course.

The investment was definitely worth it!

My plan for the future is to travel and teach in different countries around the globe. Travelling is the best investment that we can do for ourselves and, in the end, we will be much richer for it! On the other hand, teaching is also a career that, as much as you share and teach, the more you will know. In the end, it the best combination for a rich and fulfilling lifestyle!

Future students: my piece of advice that I am delighted to share with you, is that this course is worth every single penny. Also, in terms of knowledge, you have only positive points to consider. Because if you are working in a different career, like I was before, there is no problem at all. Read my story and you will realise that is not about what you have done, but what you would like to do in the future. What can happen in the future.

You will gain more knowledge,  consolidated grammar skills and you will even know how to organizse your files and plan a productive scheme of work. For those who would like to work as a teacher or for those who just want to "taste" what  the life of a teacher is like, this course is for you. Since I have done this course, I share my opinion often (because I am journalist, I still love writing) and two friends of mine have done this course because of me.

An important point to highlight is how the online system works. In the very beginning, I could not believe that it was so organised because I had bad experiences with other courses before. However, I was surprised when every single doubt that I had about an activity or about the lesson, the teachers were there, ready to answer and assist me. To sum up, besides the amazing content, the course is also very well organised.

This course has the best content for those with a thirst to teach!

This course has the best content for those with a thirst to teach!

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