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JANUARY SALE 01/18/2022

Teaching in China

Have you ever dreamt of knowing different cultures, exploring new surroundings, feeling other moods and horizons: Leave your comfort zone! Depart and go and teach English!

I like to keep living an active life, seeing and learning new things.

My name is Pedro Antunes da Costa and I am now an English teacher. I´m not even a native speaker, but that´s fine, really, there are tons of jobs and very well paid by the way. If you want, you can take only a part-time job, it is totally worth it, because you’re going to have all the time you have ever dreamt for the things you really want to do.

At the moment, I teach in Canton, (China) in a kindergarten with lots of cute and extraordinary kids. It’s a lot of fun. They learn while playing and you always feel your lessons are too short because the time flies without notice. They learn fast and you feel you can make a difference in their lives, making them like this future school subject. I even give them green values while teaching, planning some lessons with rules against littering and games such as “Let´s clean up the lake” (teams who collect more cans/bottles win). Frankly speaking, the baby classes were a bit more complicated to deal with since they never had a foreigner teacher before, so several kids would start crying from the beginning to the end or any time I got closer to them… In China, kids may go to the kindergarten at a very young age, even at 2 years old….  But after a month or so, the situation improved a lot. Nowadays, they reach the same amount of fun than the older classes.

In Portugal, I was working six days a week in the veterinary clinic for six months, doing the maternity time of a co-worker. I had plans to return to Asia so I took the online TEFL course in order to gain some teaching knowledge because until then, it was zero. The online course was interesting enough; I felt I was back to university, taking a new mission in a new field.

Living in China, like anywhere in the world, there are pros and cons. Trash, air pollution, bad driving, dubious products, slow Internet… interesting food, lots of time for myself, new language to learn, etc. I like to keep living an active life, seeing and learning new things. Teaching English helps me to accomplish that goal.

In the future, I will still teach English for another year or so, but I can always return to this country where teaching jobs are in every city or town, the options are infinite. Don’t lose hope, don´t let society block your way, go and see the world, teach English and have fun!

I like to keep living an active life, seeing and learning new things.

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