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JANUARY SALE 01/18/2022

Teaching in France

Teaching was something that I always enjoyed doing. A TEFL certification made me more confident about my job!

I am currently teaching in the French Riviera and the best thing about teaching in France is - 5 weeks of paid holidays!

Hello, I am Priyanka and I love teaching. I worked as a TEFL teacher in France for four consecutive years. I could have easily continued doing short term seasonal jobs, but I decided to enroll on a TEFL certification for three reasons: 

  1. To improve my theoretical knowledge of teaching.
  2. To try for a better-paying job.
  3. To attest to my experience with a valid certificate.

I came across The TEFL Academy while looking up a teaching course online. I, of course, did a lot of research around the course as well as the website. Thanks to a new year discount, I was able to grab two deals together: The Online level 5 online TEFL course (168hrs) + Teaching young learners as a top-up course. 

I liked the fact that I could follow the course at my own pace. The customer support team was extremely present throughout the course (and even after that!). The course content is planned in such a way that I was able to easily implement it in my classroom lessons. 

As I started reading up module after module, I realised that I was learning things that I didn’t know before. As someone who had been teaching for quite some time, I wasn’t confident about preparing a formal lesson plan. Along the way, I understood more closely, terms like scaffolding, differentiation, and something as simple as the importance of teacher language. It would be dishonest if I do not talk about my initial doubts about the program. I didn’t contact any other students who were a part of it, and I wasn’t sure how accurate my assignment evaluation would be since I was not in touch with the course tutors. These are some genuine apprehensions that we all have when we are doing a course online. To my surprise, the comments I received on my first assignment were extremely pertinent and definitely made me improve my future work. I recommended the course to another friend who then immediately found a job with an International School. 

With my TEFL experience, I was offered a fixed-term contract to teach English at a Cambridge Examination Centre in my area. I also started teaching online. 

I am currently teaching in the French Riviera and the best thing about teaching in France is - 5 weeks of paid holidays! I believe this is also the best thing about teaching jobs in general because many countries provide paid holidays. If you’re teaching in a school with a full-time contract, sometimes the summer holidays are also paid!! 

A lot of things have slowed down due to the global pandemic but one thing that has continued in many countries is teaching. It is so important to continue to empower young minds. Investing in a TEFL certificate, therefore, is always a good idea. Best of luck on your TEFL journey! :)

If you would like to discover more about my TEFL journey and learn some tips and tricks for teaching English in France then be sure to check out my blog

I am currently teaching in the French Riviera and the best thing about teaching in France is - 5 weeks of paid holidays!

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