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JANUARY SALE 01/18/2022

Teaching in Nepal

Being passionate about travel I stumbled upon a list entitled “Ten things you can do if you run out of money when travelling”.

There is great support from The TEFL Academy!

I could not do a single thing on the list whilst my husband could do several. One of the things on the list was Teaching English as a Foreign Language. So, I thought why not and signed up for the classroom course in Leeds with The TEFL Academy and continued with the online course. The thought of studying again was somewhat overwhelming but once I started the course I really enjoyed it. Instructions are precise and easy to follow and there is great support from The TEFL Academy.

Feeling very pleased with myself after completing the course, I was still unsure if I would ever really use my new qualification until I came across a volunteer position in Nepal on The TEFL Academy’s website. To my complete surprise after applying I was offered a position and have just returned from Kathmandu and Pokhara (February 2018). As this was my first teaching experience I was extremely nervous, but the pupils soon put me at ease. Less privileged than many, these children/teenagers are so eager, so curious, so keen to learn, they are an absolute delight to teach. This teaching experience has certainly enriched my life, given me confidence and motivation, I now hope to continue. It’s so worthwhile, the rewards are enormous. I can only encourage anyone thinking of embarking on such a journey to embrace it. Many thanks to the program organisers for their reassurance and fast answers to my many, many emails and to our host family/coordinator Matrika Rijal who welcomed us into his home with generous hospitality and kindness.


There is great support from The TEFL Academy!

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