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Dates 2020 Times Availability Price Enroll Now
07 Nov Sat, 9am - 7pm Pacific Daylight Time GMT-7 (L.A.) 3 Places Left $80 Enroll Now!
21 Nov Sat, 9am - 7pm Eastern Daylight Time GMT-4 (PHI) Filling Up $80 Enroll Now!
28 Nov Sat, 9am - 7pm Pacific Daylight Time GMT-7 (L.A.) Open $80 Enroll Now!
05 Dec Sat, 9am - 7pm Eastern Daylight Time GMT-4 (PHI) Open $80 Enroll Now!

Course Dates

  • 07 Nov
  • Sat, 9am - 7pm Pacific Daylight Time GMT-7 (L.A.)
  • 3 Places Left
  • $80
  • Enroll Now!
  • 21 Nov
  • Sat, 9am - 7pm Eastern Daylight Time GMT-4 (PHI)
  • Filling Up
  • $80
  • Enroll Now!
  • 28 Nov
  • Sat, 9am - 7pm Pacific Daylight Time GMT-7 (L.A.)
  • Open
  • $80
  • Enroll Now!
  • 05 Dec
  • Sat, 9am - 7pm Eastern Daylight Time GMT-4 (PHI)
  • Open
  • $80
  • Enroll Now!
10hr Teaching Practice Course (Webinar) Was $160- Now $80!* *Offer ends 11/03/2020
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Webinar FAQ

What is the difference between the 10-hour Teaching Practice Webinar and the 20-hour Teaching Practice Classroom Course?

Our combined course option includes a 20-hour classroom teaching practice course that gives you the chance to gain peer-to-peer teaching experience at one of our campuses. The 20-hour classroom course also contains additional teaching modules not covered in the 10-hour teaching practice webinar. The 10-hour teaching practice webinar has been designed to offer students studying the online-only version of our course many of the practical benefits of our face-to-face training at home. The course is 10 hours, as the shorter course length is more suited to a webinar format. Both courses will enhance your CV and build your confidence to a level where you will feel comfortable teaching your first class.

Who is the 10-hour Teaching Practice Course suitable for?

The webinar has been designed for those students studying our online-only course option. It is an excellent way to get some real life peer-to-peer teaching experience from home.

I am completing a TEFL course with another TEFL provider. Can I still do this webinar?

Yes. Even if you are completing a TEFL course with another provider you are able to enrol on the webinar, as long as your TEFL course is a regulated level 5 qualification.

What is a webinar?

A webinar is a seminar environment conducted via an online platform. Our webinar allows classrooms of TEFL students to get together and learn from a qualified TEFL tutor.

What timezone is the webinar in?

All of our webinar times vary depending on the location of our TEFL tutors. It is paramount you check the time of the webinar in your own timezone before the start of the course.

What equipment do I need for a webinar?

For an optimal learning experience, you will need: - A desktop or laptop computer, a stable internet connection, a webcam, a pair of headphones or speakers and microphone which can be built into desktop/laptop device).

I don’t feel comfortable showing my face via webcam. Can I do the webinar without everyone seeing me?

Unfortunately it is a requirement for everyone to see you. You won’t be able to present to a classroom and use the physical expressions and body language essential to teaching. This webinar prepares you for both online and physical classroom environments. Without a webcam you are preventing yourself and the students around you from having an important learning experience.

What platform is the webinar on?

Our webinars are hosted on ZOOM. This is an online conferencing platform which allows us to successfully host webinars. The software offers features like breakout rooms, and most importantly, is highly regarded for its connection and stability.

What preparation and etiquette is required?

As like most things in life, good preparation is key to success. The TEFL Academy webinars are no different. You need to understand that this classroom consists of up to 12 students, so your lack of preparation can affect others. It’s important to find a quiet place you can learn in peace, somewhere with reasonable lighting and where you can present/talk freely. This includes no external distractions such as pets and children.

Please double check the timezone of the webinar and arrive on time. It’s vital you test your equipment before you start, preferably the night before your webinar. This includes testing your wifi connection, laptop/desktop computer, and your audio and video devices. Lastly, this is a classroom environment, so please be patient with other students, act appropriately throughout the class and help each other get the most out of the experience.

Can I share a computer with another student?

We maintain a strict one student per device policy, as the other participants need to see and hear everyone clearly.

What happens if I'm not on the register and I attend the webinar?

Our tutors run through a register before every webinar. If your name is not on the list, you won't receive your Teaching Practice certificate on completion. If you find yourself not on the register on the day, please contact student services immediately.

How much of the online course should I have completed before starting the webinar?

You can do the webinar when you feel comfortable. That said it's best to have started your online course before the webinar to at least cover some of the basics.

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