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How to Begin Teaching in Norway

The drama of Norway's natural world is difficult to overstate.

Norway is country with great beauty - dramatic fjords, snow-capped peaks and glaciers

Norway: land of the Vikings, the most northerly brewery in the world and Allemannsrett: the right to pitch your tent or hike anywhere in the country. What more could you want?
Norway is a Scandinavian country, perhaps most famous for its oil rigs and fish markets. To be fair, though, this is also a country of great beauty. Dramatic fjords, beautiful snow-capped peaks, glaciers; Norway is a winter wonderland. Imagine ice fishing near your log cabin against a background of dramatic white mountains; going on a wildlife safari to spot polar bears and watch whales; watching the Northern Lights: this is Norway.
In Norway there is a wide range of outdoor activities to keep you busy. You can hike or cycle through the fjords; you can go on a wildlife safari to see king crabs, reindeer, oxen and elks; or you can head to the capital city of Oslo to sample the cuisine at some of the world’s best restaurants or watch some cultural dancing at the Folksmuseum. 
In Norway you can experience one of the most spectacular environmental phenomena: the midnight sun. During the Norwegian summer the sun never sets and for a few months, it is light 24 hours a day. During this time, people take advantage of the light and go on late-night boat trips or safaris to experience nature and wildlife during this unusual time. 

At an incredible 15 miles you'll find the longest tunnel in the world in Norway, the Lærdal Tunnel. Costing over 1 billion kroner (the currency in Norway) the tunnel connects Aurland and Lærdal. To prevent the potential affects of boredom in the tunnel, engineers have innovated and applied many techniques to prevented the mental strain of driving in the tunnel. An example is lighting throughout the tunnel, driving through each section has a different default colour eradicating the routine of the same surrounding. In addition every 6km there's separate sections of road to also mix up the driving journey. If you are driving around Norway the tunnel is one of the most unique and interesting locations to visit. 

When it comes to the Winter Olympics one country has dominated the games, Norway. Following the 2018 Olympic games and at the time of writing early 2019 Norway stands at the top. With a total of 368 Winter Olympic medals and with impressively 132 of those Gold medals, the closest rivals to this medal haul is the United Stands and then in third Germany. The country has hosted the Winter games twice once in 1952 and more recently 1994. To add to the interesting history of the Olympic games in Norway, former King Olav V was also a gold winning Olympic medalist in Sailing at the 1928 games.

Teaching Opportunities

English is spoken throughout Norway and the education system is very good, meaning that there are not that many TEFL jobs in Norway. It is helpful if you have experience, a good education and a working knowledge of Norwegian. However, you may be able to find a job in a kindergarten, public and private schools or language schools. As in the other Scandinavian countries, the Folksuniversitet system is a good place to look for a position as an English teacher. 
Opportunities in Norway are advertised online but as many of the advertisements are in Norwegian, it may be difficult for you to find or understand. A better option is to find an agency that can place you – if you are not an EU citizen, it is not recommended to turn up in the hopes of finding a job. 
Bear in mind that Norway is a very expensive place to live, especially in Oslo.


Teaching Requirements

Degree Requirement Typical Contract Length Peak Hiring Seasons Visa Info Typical Students Average Monthly Cost of Living in £ GBP & Local Currency Average Monthly Salary in £ GBP & Local Currency
BA/BS required6 – 12 months September to December Work permit for non-EU passports Students, professionals NOK 20 000 – NOK 30 000 (£1 700 – £2 600) NOK 25 000 – NOK 30 000 (£2 100 – £ 2 600)
BA/BS required
September to December
Work permit for non-EU passports
Students, professionals
NOK 20 000 – NOK 30 000 (£1 700 – £2 600)
NOK 25 000 – NOK 30 000 (£2 100 – £ 2 600)

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