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If you are considering finding a TEFL job in South East Asia, and your credentials are not equal to those of your competition – particularly if you are applying for a TEFL job in Japan, China or South Korea – you may want to consider a TEFL job in Cambodia.

The requirements for a TEFL job in Cambodia are significantly more relaxed compared with those of other more popular South East Asian countries. Whereas most countries require a degree and/or a TEFL, ESL or EFL certificate, Cambodia does not. Cambodia is a significantly cheaper place to live than most of South East Asia. A TEFL teacher can live very comfortably – considering the low rent, inexpensive food, cheap transportation (you must try a ride in a tuk-tuk) and an atmosphere that rivals any place in Asia. A novice teacher with no credentials can expect to make between US $1000 to $1200 per month – more than enough to enjoy a fairly lavish lifestyle in this incredible country. With more experience and better credentials, an ESL teacher with a TEFL job in Cambodia will make considerably more at an international school. Read More

Qualified TEFL Teacher
Posted Date 12 April 2021

Cambodia > Siem Reap : Qualified TEFL Teacher

SingLang Institute is a start-up Language School commencing operations in Cambodia. The successful candidate can look forward to progressive prospects as we branch into Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar & Laos.
Qualified TEFL Teacher
Posted Date 30 January 2021
Kindergarten Teacher
Posted Date 25 November 2019

Cambodia > Phnom Penh : Kindergarten Teacher

We are a kindergarten licensed by the Ministry of Education and an environment that fosters curiosity, initiative, independence as well as their child’s cognitive, physical, social and emotional development.


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