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Government-mandated English language secondary education in Ethiopia has been a boon for those seeking to secure a TEFL or ESL job in the past few years, and opportunities abound accordingly in the land where coffee was discovered.

Teachers can expect to find work in government schools, language schools and private institutions. That’s the good news. The bad news is the salary, which ranges from USD $285 to $400 a month. But, and this is a big but… that is enough to live comfortably in Ethiopia, where the cost of living is startlingly low. So, by Western standards, where a nice dinner for two can easily cost you over USD $200, the pay does seem incredibly low. But rest assured that you will not starve, nor will you be unable to partake in any diversions – you will not be bored due to lack of funds; if you are bored in Ethiopia it is your own doing! Especially if you are a coffee hound, you can avail yourself of coffee tours and coffee ceremonies – that’s right, coffee ceremonies – and teachers are often invited to participate. Read More

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