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The Netherlands is a small, flat and densely populated country in Northern Europe, with more than 50% of its land being less than a metre above sea level. Teachers who find a TEFL job in the Netherlands will be living in a socially tolerant country with a wealth of architecture that can compete with anything else on offer around the globe, a diverse and exciting nightlife that pulls in revellers from all around Europe, and that was also the birthplace two of the world’s most famous artists, Rembrandt and Van Gogh.

Large areas of the land that makes up the Netherlands have been reclaimed from the sea, from as long ago as the 16th century. The dykes that hold back the water were famously portrayed in the story of a boy who stuck his finger in a hole to stop the country from being flooded. Whereas in most countries it is necessary to cope with hills and fight against the traffic when cycling, the flat terrain of the Netherlands, along with its cycle-friendly approach to transport policy, makes it the perfect place to explore on a bike. This low-lying nature of the land, though, is what helps to make its soil incredible fertile. Read More

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