Published 30th July 2018


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There is a great demand now for English for business. If you are teaching English as a Foreign Language you may be asked to teach business English classes.

English for business concentrates on the English students need to work for companies all over the world. It concentrates on the topics and the vocabulary specifically used in the business world.

How English for Business Will Help your Students

It will enable you to communicate effectively in a professional environment. It will give you the language skills you need to work in an English-speaking workplace with confidence.

What Topics Will I Teach?

Your classes will concentrate on the language needed to perform everyday tasks in an office. So, for example your curriculum will cover:

  • Small talk to break the ice
  • Speaking on the telephone
  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Negotiations
  • Report writing
  • E-mails to clients and colleagues
  • Job interviews
  • CV writing

You’ll also cover business expressions and idioms. When you are teaching English as a foreign language there will be other topics your students will need to know, for example, how to agree and disagree for meetings and negotiations. How to chance their vocabulary and tone when talking to clients and communicating with colleagues.

Language Level

When you’re teaching English as a foreign language you’ll no doubt teach different language levels. However, for English for business you will usually find your students are intermediate, upper intermediate or advanced. This is because the vocabulary and language structure will be too difficult for lower levels.

How Should the Students Prepare?

If they can get hold of materials relevant to the business they are studying, this will be useful. You can adapt these materials to present them with homework tasks. Students who are already working can give you an insight into their specific business.

Teaching English as a foreign language to business students can be very interesting and rewarding and definitely worth doing!