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How to Begin Teaching in Lesotho

Lesotho seems to have been designed for the adventurous traveller, with activities on land and sea

Lesotho is a tiny landlocked kingdom completely surrounded by South Africa. Also known as the Mountain Kingdom or the Kingdom in the Sky, it is a land of rivers, valleys, mountain ranges and Maluti beer. Lesotho seems to have been designed for the adventurous traveller, with activities on land, sea and even snow. Hiking, 4x4ing, camping, horseback riding and skiing are all possible in the spectacularly untouched scenery. 

Lesotho is a historically interesting destination too. It is home to Ho Kome Historical Cave Dwellings, a World Heritage site where dwellings have been carved out under rocks in caves and in which people still live today. It also boasts the largest concentration of dinosaur footprints in the world which can be seen on dinosaur walking trails.  

If you’re not interested in the prehistoric, you can also go fishing or boating on the dams or take a tour of the local villages to catch a glimpse of the traditional Basotho culture.

Water is one of Lesotho's treasures with the terrane mountainous there's plenty of streams throughout the country. As a result there's huge amount of potential to generate hydroelectric power. The country generates so much hydroelectricity it's almost self-sufficient as a nation. They do sell a lot of power to neighbouring South Africa as a great revenue stream.

Another extremely popular resource in Lesotho is diamonds. With the Letseng Diamond mine the most famous in the country. Unusually found at an elevation of 10,000 feet, the mine is the world's highest diamond mine. It's know to produce huge diamonds which in return have a high cost per carat value. It's now the highest dollar value per carat of any diamond mine in the world. To give you an example the world average for a carat is €81 US dollars where as Letseng diamonds average almost $2000 US dollar per carat.

If you are travelling to Lesotho you might meet several paleontologists or archaeologists. It's a popular destination for these experts as one of the largest dinosaur footprints in the world was discovered. Found in the Maseru District of Lesotho, the dinosaur named Kayenyapus ambrokholohali estimated to be 2.7 meters high and 9 meters long.

Teaching Opportunities 
Though the local government spends a lot on education, teaching English here requires a lot of skill and creativity. Resources are hard to come by and due to corruption, the local teachers are not very well-qualified and there are many qualified teachers who are not employed. Paid positions are scarce and hard to find considering the lack of internet connectivity in the country. There are volunteer positions available, most notably with the Peace Corps, but these can also be difficult to find if outside Lesotho. You need a residence permit to get a work permit but this can be done in the country.

Teaching Requirements

Degree Requirement Typical Contract Length Peak Hiring Seasons Visa Info Typical Students Average Monthly Cost of Living in £ GBP & Local Currency Average Monthly Salary in £ GBP & Local Currency
BA/BS degree preferredvariable year round work permit children 6 500 – 7 500 LSL (380 – 440 GBP) volunteer

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