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A friendly and proud nation, Belize is home to an assortment of truly world-class attractions, including the opportunity to swim, dive and snorkel in the Caribbean Sea. When you mix in its fabulous coastline with the jungle that can be found as you move inland, it is quite easy to see why the country is growing as both a tourist and a TEFL destination.

Take pictures of monkeys, colourful birds, crocodiles and more as you cruise along the rivers that run through the lush jungle. Also consider that as a teacher you may find more work in these northern areas of the country too, where Spanish is the language most commonly used by locals. The serene turquoise waters of the Caribbean have a magnetic pull for visitors from almost the second they set eyes on them. Entering the warm waters off the Belize coast, you discover a huge variety of coral and extraordinary fish all within easy reach. In fact, the coral reefs found in its waters are surpassed in beauty and length only by the Great Barrier Reef. Read More

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