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Although there are no hard-and-fast requirements for qualifying to teach EFL or ESL in Chile, a prospective ESL teacher would be well advised to obtain a TEFL certificate. Individual teaching academies prefer it, with some actually requiring certification. And should you be lucky enough to obtain a position in a government-run school, you will find it to be a requirement, as is a teaching degree and a lengthy CV.

You will stand a better chance of finding a position if you are actually in Chile. EFL or ESL teaching jobs are seldom advertised unless there is an urgent requirement for a teacher. If you do happen to find an academy that is hiring online, do your due diligence. There are numerous stories of academies that sound good in the ad, but when you arrive to claim your job, you find that the salary which sounded so good is actually at the bottom of the scale as far as ESL schools are concerned in Chile. The perks, such as health care, turn out to be minimal. And remember – employers do not pay an upfront airfare – some, however, will reimburse at the end of a contract. Read More

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