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Oman is a great location for TEFL teachers searching for a more authentic and traditional Middle Eastern experience than is available in many of its neighbouring countries. In recent years it has increasingly opened up to the outside world and people are discovering the joy of a country blessed with sun, fabulous beaches and beautiful mountains. Despite its growing wealth, Oman has maintained a more traditional and low-rise feel than neighbouring countries; this is almost unique in a region that likes to make things higher, bigger, bolder and better than anywhere else in the world.

It is relatively new to the EFL game in the Middle East, but the opportunity to get a good tax-free salary and enjoy plenty of sun and wonderful scenery have quickly made it a popular destination. When you arrive, however, it is worth knowing that you will be entering a country that maintains a strict and conservative culture which is often stifling for Westerners, especially women. However, those able to treat the way of life with respect discover a nation of friendly people that is home to many hidden treasures. The capital city of Muscat can appear quite beguiling from the outside; a city of whitewashed houses surrounded by cragged and barren mountains. Read More

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