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A small Central American nation, Panama has among the lowest crime rates in the region and is a hot spot for retirees and tourists from the USA. Probably most famous for its hats and the gigantic canal that provides a connection for sea vessels between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Panama has plenty to offer prospective TEFL teachers interested in exploring a more exotic location.

Naturally, considering its proximity to the sea, mouth-watering fresh seafood is plentiful, a local speciality and something that must be enjoyed whilst there. Close ties to the USA, going as far as the US Dollar being the country’s currency, means there is a strong expat community that you can fall back on and also a large number of fluent English speakers to be found. One obvious attraction is of course the Panama Canal, and it can be truly mind-blowing to see huge container ships making their way down a huge, man-made expanse of water. However, it is said that the best way to truly understand its size and marvel at the engineering is to take it in from the sky, whether by plane, helicopter or even skydiving. Read More

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