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How to Begin Teaching in Turkey

A Country on Two Continents

There is a huge demand for EFL in Turkey.

Turkey, split between Europe and Asia, has an amazing cultural heritage. This is symbolised in the former capital of Turkey, Istanbul. Looking at the architecture from a boat on the Bosphorus, it is evident that so many civilisations have crossed these shores. The Venetians, the Byzantines, the Romans and the Greeks have all left their mark here as well as Turkey’s Sultans. Side by side sits Aya Sofia, once a church and a mosque (now a museum) and the blue mosque on the same skyline. Throughout the country, there is also a rich past legacy. The old city of Troy, the ancient library of Ephesus, and Nimrod in the east are to name just a few. Mount Ararat of biblical fame and the southern beach region of Akdeniz have breathtaking natural scenery.

Although Turkey has a large Muslim population, it is unlike its other Muslim neighbours in the Middle East. While some Turks cover their heads and observe religious practices, other Turks are more secular in their approach, wearing modern dress and drinking alcohol. This is because Turkey is also a secular Republic that was founded in 1923 by Ataturk, who reformed the country using a Western-style model.  Subsequently, Turkish people are proud of their country. Turks are also famous for their warm welcome and hospitality. They have a spontaneous spirit, and enjoy sitting down over a glass of Turkish tea or coffee to catch up with each other. The language of Turkey is Turkish.   

Teaching Opportunities

There is a huge demand for EFL in Turkey. Everyone needs to learn English, either for entrance examinations, international communication, business transactions or even to secure a good job. The main locations in Turkey in which to find EFL jobs are Istanbul, the capital Ankara, Izmir and Bursa.  Education in Turkey is a prized and expensive commodity and there are many job opportunities in private language schools, private schools and universities. Contracts generally ask for 20-25 hours of teaching per week. The salary is enough to live comfortably. It is also possible to earn more money from private tuition.

Jobs are regularly advertised online. Teachers must be careful about researching these. Some places will ask you to work on a tourist visa, which means that you will need to do a visa run every three months, to Bulgaria, Greece or the Ukraine. There are other institutions that do not pay on time or at all. Having said this, there are also good jobs for those who have a 120-hour TEFL certificate. The first year might not bring you the job you want, but after a year of experience in the country, many quality employers will have openings for you. Many prefer those with experience of teaching in Turkey and who are applying from within the country. 

Teaching Requirements

Degree Requirement Typical Contract Length Peak Hiring Seasons Visa Info Typical Students Average Monthly Cost of Living in £ GBP & Local Currency Average Monthly Salary in £ GBP & Local Currency
Not required6 - 12 Months Year-round language schools, September - public and private schools Work visa Business professionals, children 3,390 – 5,085 TRY (500 - 750 GBP) 5.085 – 12,205 TRY (750 - 1,800 GBP)
Year-round language schools, September - public and private schools
Work visa
Business professionals, children
5.085 – 12,205 TRY (750 - 1,800 GBP)

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