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As you can imagine, France is a prime destination for ESL teachers, and competition for teaching positions is fierce – particularly in Paris. If you are coming from a non-European Union country, you face a long struggle, no matter where in France you would like to teach. The preference is for EU citizens and an employer must prove that there are no EU teachers who can do the job you would like. With the UK just a few miles away across the English Channel, that is a hard sell for employers, no matter how much they may like you.

French employers prefer to hire once they have met prospective employees face to face, so if you have France firmly in your heart as a destination, go there and start knocking on doors. Read More

ESL Children Teacher
Posted Date 7 November 2021
Camp counselor at American Village Camps in France
Posted Date 3 December 2019

France > Rodez : Camp counselor at American Village Camps in France

Work in France next Spring! 2020 recruitment is now open
*URGENT HIRE* Autumn camp counselor
Posted Date 11 September 2019

France > Rodez : *URGENT HIRE* Autumn camp counselor

Work in France this fall! Now hiring final language counselor positons!


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