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As the world’s largest oil exporter with abundant natural resources, this Muslim country can offer an opportunity for ESL/EFL teachers to earn a more lucrative salary, as well as to experience the Arabic culture at first hand. With everything from modern cities filled with huge shopping malls to arid deserts, amazing coastlines and bustling bazaars, the country offers a truly unique experience for those lucky enough to find a TEFL job in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is a great place to taste a wide range of Arabic cuisine, much of which has been consumed for thousands of years. Dishes based on wheat, lamb, potatoes, yoghurt, rice and dates are common, with falafel also a popular choice. Meals are often accompanied by a yoghurt-based drink called laban or Arabic coffee, which usually contains ground cardamom to produce a unique spiced beverage. Traditional coffee houses are an important part of the Saudi Arabian culture, as serving coffee is seen as a sign of generosity and kindness. Read More

Native English, Science, Biology, Math Teachers Required For Schools, colleges & Universities in Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE & Kuwait
Posted Date 22 May 2019
ESL Teachers Job | Tax Free |
Posted Date 20 May 2019

Saudi Arabia > Riyadh : ESL Teachers Job | Tax Free |

We, Quality Education Company are offering ESL teachers job to work with our top universities across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the academic year 2018, 2019.



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